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Posted on Aug 29, 2013 in Featured Content, PSHE, Reflections on Counseling
Doing Things Together

Doing Things Together – Photo: A. Clark

This year we have added another year to our Personal Social Health Education program with the class offered to grade 10. Having worked with this year group in grade 9, it is great to be back together for another year. The program has been expanded and I am excited to approach the opportunities and challenges that students will face this year.

One of the keys to successfully beginning any class, but particularly those classes where students will be interacting on personal levels, is to begin to establish an enjoyable environment of respect and safety. A couple of well chosen games/icebreakers can do wonders for getting things off to a good start. Along similar lines, I really enjoyed this blog post via Twitter written by Jeff Delp entitled “60 Ways to Connect with Your Students“. It struck me looking it over that with just a few fun activities we can connect with our students on many of these invaluable levels.

Nonsense Numbers from Playmeo

Nonsense Numbers from Playmeo

A great resource for people interested in having hundreds of interactive activities is called “Playmeo”. There is a free trial and a membership is reasonable at just under $50. Furthermore, up to ten people can share an account making it perfect for counseling departments, residential life staff, physical educators, health educators, among others. Basically, for the price of an activity book or two you gain access to an ever expanding bank of activities that allow you to connect with your students and help them connect with each other. The mobile phone interface looks good and is easy to use on the fly when you need just an idea to work with.

Yesterday we kicked off with King Frog, moved into Nonsense Numbers and closed with Helium Hoop. Great beginning!

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  1. Mark Collard
    August 29, 2013

    Thanks for the leg up Adam. I’m going to post a link to the ’60 ways…’ article on my blog, sounds sweet. FYI, I just added 5 short 30 min back-to-school programs on my blog too – Keep up the nonsense 🙂


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