Teen stress and the link between cutting and porn

As has become more and more prevalent in the news, it is imperative for educators to address the impact internet pornography can have on adolescent development. Gary Wilson in his TEDx Talk entitled the Great Porn Experiment does a brilliant job of raising awareness about the individual risk factors for men, particularly young men, who […]

Caffeine, Sleep, and Attention Disorders

Posted on Dec 23, 2010 in Blog, Health, Reflections on Counseling

In a recent study published on-line in the Journal of Pediatrics (2010) caffeine consumption in children is up to nearly twice the daily amount recommended by Canadian National Guidelines (Caffeine, 2010). Not surprisingly, the data gathered found a strong negative correlation between caffeine intake and quantity of sleep. In broad strokes, the body controls our […]

Bringing the Experience of the Restaurant Home

Posted on Mar 16, 2010 in Blog, Health, Reflections on Counseling

“We see the world as “we” are, not as “it” is; because it is the “I” behind the “eye” that does the seeing. Attributed to French Author Anais Nin This quote can apply to “seeing” but can also apply to eating and tasting as well. This re-scripting exercise may help you enjoy the food you […]

Set Direction, Work Hard, Think Positive

Posted on May 14, 2009 in Blog, Health, Reflections on Counseling

Just in case you won’t read this whole post here is what I am going to tell you: You already possess the knowledge to create change in your life. You could walk out the front door tomorrow morning into a better reality but choose not to. The process involves three steps: set direction, work hard, […]