Ethics Refresher

Posted on Aug 31, 2011 in TOK

Ethics – Refer to the ToK Class site section on Ethics and the Diigo group for useful information. Thanks for getting things launched today with the technology side of things and also for engaging in the ethics discussion. We will need to have a productive period zero next Wednesday because I was reminded today that […]

Stranger than Fiction – Human Sciences Lesson

Posted on May 18, 2011 in TOK

Part 1: Introductory Presentation Part 2: Answer Garden Part 3: Definitions of the Human Science – Not to be thought of as only stereotypical Psychology by TOK students – concern is reductionism. See this video for a humorous view of simple principles applied to humanity. Definitions of Human Sciences Anthropology is: The study […]

Human Science Psychology

Posted on May 10, 2011 in TOK

Presented by Mr. Howe Intro: What is psychology? The study of human behavior, or the discipline concerned with behavior and mental processes and how they are affected by an organism’s physical state, mental state and external environment. Why study psychology? To be able to explain various types of human behavior and the possible causes. Basic […]

TOK Lesson following the March 11 Earthquake and Meltdown

Posted on Mar 17, 2011 in TOK

It has been a very difficult week since our last TOK class. As recently as last Thursday we had the luxury of looking at quantum mechanics through the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and the potential role of the “knower” in literally determining reality. One of the implicit factors in that discussion is […]