Feedback Process Model

Posted on Sep 6, 2011 in Featured Content, Reflections on Counseling

As we move forward with the administrative feedback discussion group  we will want to be clear on the steps of the project and where we are on the path toward completion. This draft model should provide a useful starting place as we consider the steps we should take. It is very much a work in progress and open for adaptation but as a starting place contains some useful components.

Based on the vision at this time, the group would be focused on the process stages on the right hand side of the model. Specific meetings would occur in 3 separate stages. The first would be to discuss and modify the overall process so that we most effectively approach the task as a team. The second stage would occur after individual preparation to discuss the feedback we would like to share. The third stage would involve finalizing the written summary of the feedback.

From there, feedback as written would be presented back to John for reflection. An understanding is that all feedback presented would be determined by consensus and, as such, no individual names would be associated with any of the points. Our job at this point would be complete. – AC



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