Knowledge, Language, and Sense Perception in the News

Posted on Oct 16, 2013 in Featured Content, TOK

Find a news article with at least 500 words of written text and an accompanying embedded video (ie merely video news or written news will be insufficient for this assignment). As you read the article identify the knowledge claims made, the use of language, and the elements of the piece that utilize perception as a way of knowing.

For example: this article about Anonymous’ involvement in the Maryville Rape Case is very suitable for this assignment in that the issue raises a number of knowledge questions and the article describing it makes use of mixed media. It shouldn’t take you long to find your own current news story that fulfills the needs of this assignment.

Then on your blog:

1) Summarize the article and identify 1-3 knowledge claims made by the author or producers of the information. In this section include a link to the article and, as possible, embed the media utilized in the piece.

2) Identify a central knowledge question and at least one associated knowledge question. An example related to the continued concern about the Fukushima meltdown and clean-up could be.

Central Knowledge Question – To what extent should governments be involved in the regulation of private industry?

Associated Knowledge Question – How effective are government regulatory bodies in promoting best practices in private industry?

Associated Knowledge Question – In what situations can government regulatory bodies be seen to increase/decrease public safety?

3) Describe the reputation of the news source and link to a source citation that supports your response (claim)? Be sure to include the particular bias this news source is purported to have? Evaluate whether the piece you read reflected that bias and justify your position on this using two quotes and two examples from the video.

4) Identify a question (could be one of your associated knowledge questions) and the steps you would need to take before you could arrive at your own conclusion about your central knowledge question.

5) Offer a 2-3 sentence tentative conclusion to your central knowledge question.

Due in Class Tuesday After Break

This task will be assessed using the blog assessment criteria.


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