Last Day of Practice Presentations

Posted on Nov 15, 2011 in TOK

Today we will finish up our first round of practice presentations. We have seen an enormous range of topics and effectiveness during the last several classes. Hopefully everyone has taken away something from each presentation both about the topic under consideration and what makes a solid TOK presentation. At this point, you should be thinking about the ways of knowing or areas of knowledge that you feel more comfortable with and others where you know you need to develop stronger understanding. It has been great to see so many of you identify good knowledge issues during your introductory comments.

After we finish our presentations this morning, you will write and post a reflection on your blog that identifies:

One strength of your TOK presentation.

Any additional considerations you would have liked to have included to better address the assessment criteria.

Assessment – Ms. Wilson and I will assess this blog post alongside your presentation to arrive at your final marks for this important S1 summative task. Write this post to support your presentation with the presentation assessment criteria (click) in mind.

Suggestions – Please consider the feedback you received in class, the assessment criteria, the presentation planning documents on the TOK site (click), and your own self-reflection as your write this post. If your presentation would have benefited from more concrete or better researched examples, post links to resources you wish you would have included. I will also try to conference with a number of groups that didn’t receive as much feedback during class due to time constraints.

In our next class we will be moving into a focused look at language as a way of knowing. – AC

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