Me and Change Inventory for Counseling Conversation

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 in Featured Content, Reflections on Counseling
Photo wall from a recent exhibition in Omote Sando, Tokyo by Picaro Taro

Photo wall from a recent exhibition in Omote Sando, Tokyo by Picaro Taro

The iPad continues to be a useful device for me and my counseling work with students. I sometimes prepare diagrams to share with students or groups of students on it and the ability to pass it around a room makes it much more intimate and a lot less “class-like” than putting something on a big screen. I am about to take this down a size and am on-deck for a new iPad mini. The IT department at school has told me to wait and see if one comes out with a retina display sometime over the next few months. Until then I am content to limp along with my iPad1 which I started using back in 2010.

I was working with a student recently who dropped in without an appointment (always welcome) and was contemplating making a change in their approach to something in their life. Our discussion got off to a good start but felt a little unorganized perhaps because I hadn’t been expecting them and they were quite torn about whether it was something they really wanted to work on. I remembered an assessment tool I developed a year or so ago and brought it out to help frame our discussion to good effect. It is set it up using a google form and always available to me. If it could be of use to you, please copy this idea and use it as your own. Here are the questions I have designed to help clarify a student’s readiness for change. If you have other questions you also use and would recommend please post them in a comment below. – AC

Me and Change 1Me and Change 2Me and Change 3Me and Change 4

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