Nourish 2016 Conference

Posted on Feb 21, 2016 in Parenting, Presentations

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Over the weekend, as a counseling team at YIS, we hosted the annual Nourish conference entitled Inside Out: Living and Flowing with Emotion. How do we keep in balance?. This year we altered the format slightly to offer more collective experiences to foster community and connection, as well as, as a an open workshop format so that participants could follow-up on personal interests. Highlights included 3 wonderful provocations by Michelle Trefren, Destiny Ishihara, and Ingrid Rossing, a keynote entitle “A Balancing Act: Thinking ourselves into Well-being” by a fantastic presenter, Sara Hitchens, and a very informative and insightful presentation by two high school students, Pia and Kaori, on self-harm/self-injury in the context of current issues adolescents face. For more information, please have a look at this infographic entitled, A Better Look at Teen Self-Harm, that Pia and Kaori shared with participants.

Our keynote speaker was Sara Hitchens, a UK-trained counsellor and psychotherapist, currently working in Tokyo in private practice and at two international schools. She is an Accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and a Board Member of International Mental Health Professionals Japan. Sara has lived and worked internationally, in Spain, France, Pakistan and previously in Tokyo from 1985-89. This has given her personal experience of the nomadic lifestyle, and an interest in cross-cultural issues. Sara says her greatest challenge to date has been mothering her two children, now aged 24 and 22. (Please Click for Sara’s Contact Information)

Workshop Descriptions:

Monna McDiarmid The Art of Noticing: A Writing Workshop

It’s easy to believe that creative writing is the exclusive realm of professional writers and children. That’s just not the case. This workshop will give you an opportunity to nourish yourself by writing creatively, noticing the small, lovely details of your life and by practicing gratitude. You will have an opportunity to share if you’d like. No writing experience is required.

Michelle Trefren The Voice and Mind Interchange: How vocal/singing techniques can bring out the best in you

Our voice, an oral medium for expression directly linked to our thoughts, is the most personal instrument we can employ.  In this session, you will learn vocal techniques through singing and song that connect the mind and voice.   Discover your true voice and how it can help you express your thoughts.

Adam Clark What are the issues facing adolescents now and what do we do to help? (resources) (NSSI – Infographic)

This workshop is intended for parents and educators who want to discuss and learn more about the current issues facing adolescents. A group of grade 9 student presenters are also planning on attending to share their thoughts on what’s happening and what adults could do to help. Topics discussed will include: self-harm/self-injury (NSSI), coping, stress management, teen depression, suicide, social networking, gaming, and how change occurs. Obviously, because of the time limit, we will barely scratch the surface of these topics but this will serve as a good overview of some of the concerns and strategies for helping.

Damien Pitter Picture This: A Photography Workshop

We use photographs for many purposes – as historical record, as expression, as a way of noticing. This workshop will introduce a few tips for taking better photographs of the people in your life and of your travels.  We will also look at a simple, online image editing tool that can help you be more expressive with your images. Bring a fancy camera or your iPhone. Laptop optional.

Many thanks to Monna McDiarmid, Damien Pitter, Eliza Kumamoto, and Irina Bryan for all the work that went into preparing the event. It was pleasure to MC and present at what made for a very enjoyable morning. – AC

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