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This weekend thanks to a request from Alex Thomas I was given an opportunity to present at a PE education and technology workshop hosted at YIS for educators from international schools from China, the Philippines, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Thailand among others. My session is focused on balance with technology so I will begin with a updated version of my 2012 Pecha Kucha on Unplugging. Following that primer, groups will explore the articles below to approach balance from a 2012 perspective that tempers the “unplug” rant with a look toward purpose and mindfulness with technology. Click here for the google doc version of the table below.




Pecha Kucha – Presentation 6 min 40 sec (yes, exactly)

Link to script
Link to slides from the presentation
Link to resources on balance
Video: 2010 Pecha Kucha Night Original

Group Discussion


Take the conversation where you want but here are some discussion starters if they are helpful.

What do these recent articles offer the discussion regarding the influence of technology and our need to unplug?

What concerns you?

What are you not concerned about?

What definition of balance with regard to being connected and unplugging can we offer each other and our students?

Article 1 – Why we need a technology sabbath.
Article 2 – Silicon Valley Steps Away from the Device
Article 3 – The Real Conversation “Wisdom and Technology”
Article 4 – Is the Web Driving Us Mad
Article 5 – The Amazing Power of Technology Breaks.
Link to these and other articles considered


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