Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) is one of our key opportunities in secondary education to help make adolescence a positive transformative experience that spans the gap between childhood and adulthood. Rather than structure this course around key content areas, it is most powerful to organize learning around a multiple domain view of wellness and decision making.  The final aims of a solid PSHE program are to help students recognize that wellness involves intentionally developing many aspects of life including social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, emotional, nutritional domains among others and to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and self-awareness to make decisions they will be happy with. If at the end of a year teaching PSHE we can say we’ve offered students that much, we can be pleased with the contribution we have made to their education and, ultimately, to them as people.

PSHE Posts

Wisdom in Education Lesson 1

For the first Grade 10 PSHE Wisdom class it was essential to redefine the approach to PSHE more toward the concept of decision making and becoming a wise person away from the topic by topic approach that typifies the Grade 9 PSHE class. The benefit of approaching it this way was to both simultaneously set the […]


Teen stress and the link between cutting and porn

As has become more and more prevalent in the news, it is imperative for educators to address the impact internet pornography can have on adolescent development. Gary Wilson in his TEDx Talk entitled the Great Porn Experiment does a brilliant job of raising awareness about the individual risk factors for men, particularly young men, who […]


PSHE Diagram of Your Health Profile

For me personally, a good friend of mine who is now in his 70’s has been a huge influence. Karl Rhonke (click) has been widely instrumental in the field of adventure education and has published well over a dozen books. You can tell from his writing how much fun he has and how active his […]