Moving Past, Photography and Poetry Exhibit

Posted on May 6, 2016 in Presentations
Staff+Parent Art Exhibition 2016 poster FINAL version small

Poster by Aaron Reed

From May 6th to May 13th I have two pieces up in the Staff and Parent Art Exhibit in the Yokohama International School Library. Please stop by to see “Moving Past” and all of the impressive work by the other artists.

With regard to the work I have exhibited, toward the end of 2014 I started to explore Japanese aesthetics more intentionally to advance my photography. My initial research began with an in-depth look at various Japanese art forms but very quickly moved to the underlying influences that ground Japanese art in Zen. As a result, perhaps in these pieces you will find some unity between form and formlessness along with the naturalness of acceptance and imperfection.

Haiku, tanka, and other poems also accompany the images which is only partially suitable given the well-known inadequacy of words in relating the essence of Zen. That said, photography, haiku, and Zen find easy common ground in that they are all set in the fullest experience of a moment in time.

4th Annual Faculty Art Exhibit-1

Shunkashuutou Photo and Poetry Series

While hopefully the images and poetry in this exhibit speak more or less for themselves, the frames have a longer backstory as they are made from repurposed shoji screens that once stood in a local Yokohama home before being discarded and reworked into the form you see here. The history and idiosyncrasies found in the wood give added texture and meaning. The original shoji panel is particularly evident in the Shunkashuutou series pictured facing the camera in the image to the right.

For more photography please see
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Gallery from my pieces on exhibit from May 6-13, 2016

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