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Posted on Nov 10, 2011 in TOK

Bad Day for Driving...Good Day for TOK

Essay and Blog Post – The light at the end of the TOK tunnel is definitely visible at this point in the course. There are three assignments to think about at this point in the course. The most important task for you to concentrate on is your final essay (click). To help with this look at the feedback from your practice essay to see what you can improve upon to best address the essay criteria. You may also want to visit our friends at BTHS and see their essay resource page (click). They have some excellent resources posted there.

Write an approximately 250 word blog post including the following:

A summary of your feedback and self-reflection following the first essay.

 Specific elements you will keep or avoid in your final essay.

Art Museum – From our previous class we visited a virtual art museum produced by a TOK class in the United States. The people that already completed this assignment in our class were: Hana, Vaka, Charlotte, Anjali, Kazune, Shohei, Akie, and Resa. You can find details of that assignment by clicking (here).

Required Blog Posts – Remember to complete all required blog posts (click) by the end of the term. Not only are these designed to be meaningful opportunities to work with content from the course, they are also great opportunities to demonstrate how well you can work with the ideas of TOK and pick up some potentially easier marks at the same time.

An Offer –¬† I am not permitted to work with you directly on your final essay but am more than happy to meet with you to discuss the ideas, approaches, and examples you are considering. Please take me up on that. I’d love to see you all do very well with this last part of the course. – AC







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