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Posted on Dec 9, 2015 in TOK
Practice Presentation

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Stay Calm the Practice TOK Presentation is Just One Among Many Assessments

We have a practice TOK presentation coming up for grade 11. The students have had a number of examples to consider in class including one of the IBOs sample presentations along with examiner feedback and a sample presentation from the Grade 12 class just ahead of them which they scored. The orientation to the presentation process we undertook over the course of several lessons was to help relatively new TOK students become familiar with what a TOK presentation includes and the expectations as outlined by the assessment criteria.

This morning during our single period lesson I presented my students with a simple checklist to help them break down the practice TOK presentation into four smaller pieces. As the English say…”Don’t over-egg the pudding.

In your presentation offer:

  • A brief description of your RLS (ie. Why your Real Life Situation matters)
  • Identify a well-formulated Knowledge Question. (See Lesson 6 of Yokohama Open Learning – Free membership)
  • Analyze different perspectives that relate to the KQ or RLS. (Consider the terminology in your RLS, stakeholders, AOK, or WOK as you look for different perspectives to consider)
  • Offer a conclusion to your KQ and the RLS. Apply your conclusion or the principles behind your conclusion to other RLS, AOK, or KQ.

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