Mountain Poetry is the title I have given to the collection of poems after some of the ancient Zen poets of Japan and China. The pieces you will find at have been written in haiku (5,7,5), tanka (5,7,5,7,7), and other forms that I have broadly entitled “mountain poems”. While allowing for a wide variety of form, many mountain poems follow a repeated 5 or 7 syllable structure emulating the “songs” of the Chinese Zen hermits.

These original poems along with images are inspired by a combination of the work of Ryokan, Basho, Dogen, Sen no Rikyu (aesthetics), Cold Mountain, Stonehouse, Lao-tsu, and Chuang-tsu, in addition to, contemporary English translations of some of the classic sutras (Lotus, Nirvana, Diamond, Platform, and Lankavartara), the Book of Odes (Shi Jing) and the Zen Teachings of Bodhidharma. The Lotus Sutra is of noteworthy influence in that it was a particular favorite of Ryokan and Cold Mountain and is frequently referred to in their poems.