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Posted on Aug 29, 2012 in PSHE

Karl with orange peel teetThanks for some good discussion in class today. It has been interesting to see how you respond to the different images and to what degree they contain certain aspects of health for you. In addition to the slides on the screen, one of the things I would encourage you to do is look at the people in your life and see to what degree you think they represent healthy lifestyle patterns that you would want to build into your own actions.

For me personally, a good friend of mine who is now in his 70’s has been a huge influence. Karl Rhonke (click) has been widely instrumental in the field of adventure education and has published well over a dozen books. You can tell from his writing how much fun he has and how active his lifestyle is. One of the best parts of Karl is that he has been this way his entire life.

Trying hard to beat the best time to the top

Literally every time I get together with Karl something happens that I didn’t expect and we usually do something that requires a lot of exercise. The last time I saw Karl we were staying at a ranch in northern California, that among other interesting things, had an unusually long stair case. Karl and I along with a few other friends decided to see how fast we could run up the stairs. There were no rules. You could skip steps, step on each one, get a running start, anything… The only goal was get to the top as fast as possible. As you can tell by the look on my face in the photo we were really serious about it and it became a full fledged event. The whole thing was Karl’s idea…

Wellness Diagrams

Today you were asked to create a diagram representing your own personal health profile. I did the assignment as well and came up with four areas I wanted to include Mental, Emotional, Social, and Physical health. As you can see from my diagram below I feel like my strongest area at the moment is social because of all the enjoyable interactions I have as part of work, home, and in the community. The other domains fall into place after social even though I place a high priority on them, too. I decided that, for me, emotional and mental health are different categories since I do a lot of research as part of my job and approach to life and try to maintain emotional balance through a combination of other things like exercise, sleep, nutrition, communicating with friend (online and face to face)

Your task is to create your own diagram and post it on your YIS blog – please categorize the post “PSHE” so I can find it easily.

Here is my diagram but remember to include as many sides as you like… A. Clark

I chose four areas but you choose as many as you like.

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