Self Guided Writing Workshop

Posted on Nov 24, 2011 in TOK

By the end of class today you should have your outline complete and a rough draft of your introductory paragraph. The essay planning document on the class site is extremely useful in this process (click here to view it)

I gave many of you feedback around paragraph organization with your practice essays and we’ve paid particular attention to your introductory paragraphs. As hopefully you are beginning to appreciate, good writing is deceptively hard to do. The rules are simple but not easy to implement in practice. One of the reasons may be that you know what you want to say so your words make sense to you. Your reader, on the other hand, has no idea what you are thinking about so is completely in the dark unless you express yourself clearly.

Take out either your draft of your final essay or your finished practice essay. Look over your writing and identify the paragraph that you think is the clearest and most well organized. Then spend the first 15 minutes of class to review this guide to writing a good paragraph. As you work your way through the power point, evaluate the paragraph you selected with the criteria mentioned in mind. Does your paragraph have all the elements of T.E.A.C.

Writing a Solid Paragraph

Now go back and work on your final essay with a particular focus on the introductory paragraph. Before you begin writing share a document with me on google docs where you will work on your introductory paragraph. I should have a document from each of you to look at by the end of period 1.
Don’t waste this time. Take advantage of the opportunity to move your essay forward.

A. Clark

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