Situations in Substance Use Lesson

Posted on Apr 16, 2015 in HS Pastoral Care, PSHE

When you are involved with decision making in social situations about drugs and alcohol a number of factors influence your emotions and your thinking. It is useful to consider these factors before you are in those situations so that you act in a way that makes every situation as safe and enjoyable as possible. Part of that enjoyment is avoiding circumstances that get you into trouble or have other negative consequences. Take the time provided to consider the following ideas in part 1 and 2.

Part 1

Answer why can this be important and what should you keep in mind to maximize enjoyment and minimize harm with regard to situations where people are using drugs and/or alcohol. Add your own details as you need them to have a clear picture in your mind. 

(respond to 10 out of 13) (2 sentence minimum for each)

1) Where you are… (Why can this be important? What should you keep in mind to maximize enjoyment and minimize harm?)

2) Time of day…

3) Who you are with…

4) The particular substance(s) people are using…

5) Your physical condition at that time…

6) Your emotional condition at that time…

7) What else you have going on? (before and/or after)

8) Your values and beliefs about/for yourself…

9) The values and beliefs of your family…

10) The values and beliefs of your friends…

11) The attitudes of your home country, culture, or religion…

12) create your own


Part 2

Urgent Letter to a “Friend”

a) Choose a substance to focus on and enter it here:

b) Where do you think this is most often used (what is the context or situation):

c) Who is most likely to be around when this substance is being used:

d) What are four other considerations that you would like to included in decision making (see your ideas above to help with this):

Now create a realistic scenario involving this substance and the details you have identified which someone must successfully manage describe it briefly here:

Write a thoughtful letter to a fictitious advice columnist that includes details from “a” through “d” above and asks for help in managing this situation:

After you have completed this step, turn it in to me through the Google Class Site. After you have submitted part 1 and 2, please wait for the others to finish. You can work on something else after you have submitted this document. We will move on to Part 3 together

Part 3

In small groups during this substance use lesson you will combine your ideas to make a new challenging scenario for other small groups to solve. Post that to our google class site under the discussion called “Substance Use Scenarios”.

In small groups discuss the scenario you received from others and brainstorm possible ways this could be handled that model an effective refusal skill.

Create a short skit that sets up the scenario and effectively manages it without using the substance.

Make sure your skit is clear and shares both believable and effective circumstances and solutions.


Find the original google doc lesson template here

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