Special Effects and Practice Presentations

Posted on Sep 12, 2012 in TOK

I hope you enjoyed the short session this morning on how our emotions and sense perception can be influenced in the Arts to create understanding. As entertaining as films can be, this manipulation of our understanding and therefore knowledge is also disconcerting. Based on the presentation above, we are pretty easily fooled by such rudimentary techniques as moving platforms and football sized submarine models.

“Sense perception and emotion are both highly influential in creating understanding in the Arts. Assuming that is true, to what extent is it possible for reason to guide us accurately through the media we experience?” – One possible knowledge issue

By the end of the weekend (Sept 16th), please make sure you have completed the TED evaluation sheet and saved your copy in the shared folder. In the next class you will identify your practice presentation topic, your presentation group, and begin planning for your presentation. You will have the next 2 double periods to design your first presentation and I will be consulting with each group as you move forward.

Make sure you refer frequently to the presentation criteria as you select your topic and design your presentation. Those resources and others are available on the class site (click). As we will discuss you will need to consult with an outside expert in an area of knowledge related to your topic. In addition please use me as a resource. I have seen some students do extremely well and others make easily avoidable mistakes. I would like to help you perform to the best of your ability and avoid needless errors.

We will start the practice presentations on Oct 4th in class and continue with the groups that don’t finish the following week. I will set up a sign-up sheet soon.

This is one of the most important assessed tasks of the semester. Good luck setting yourselves up for success. – A. Clark

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