Learning 2.016 Asia – Saigon

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October 6-8, 2016 – Learning 2.016 Asia – Saigon

Students at some universities are taking some time away from their regular classes to think about questions such as, “What is wisdom? How do we define it? What does it mean to live a good life? What about a productive life? How do we manage when competing priorities lead us in different directions?” While it’s never too late to reflect upon questions like these, these conversations are easily approached and applied to the life of primary and secondary students, as well.

In this session we will look at wisdom, happiness and what it takes for us and our students to lead more fulfilling lives starting right now. We will also explore approaches to help students access the qualities of wisdom in schools.

  • An understanding of how wisdom can be defined and considered within international schools.
  • An understanding of the importance of bringing wisdom into learning contexts that may be considered broad and shallow.
  • Specific strategies and learning activities that help students work with and learn the qualities of wisdom. Including: Empathy, Judgment, Open-mindedness, Objectivity, Consideration, Acceptance, Creativity

Primary and Secondary Teachers, Parents, and Administrators


Adam Clark is on the faculty of Yokohama International School in Yokohama, Japan and works as a school counselor to provide responsive services and guidance oriented curriculum for middle and high school students (grade 6-10). Adam says he finds this age range fascinating because it spans the developmental distance between childhood through all of early and mid-adolescence.

In addition to school counseling, Adam teaches Theory of Knowledge (T.O.K.) as part of the I.B. Diploma Programme for grades 11-12. Adam touts this course as a unique opportunity for students to embrace an intellectual existence and to think with insight and creativity. This course also allows him to draw upon both his background in ethics and psychology along with a love of technological interconnection to foster learning.