Practice Presentation Prep

Posted on Sep 27, 2011 in TOK

Today in class we watched two examples of actual TOK presentations. The first one on honor killing erred on the side of too much description and didn’t clearly identify a knowledge issue. The second was much stronger with a clearly defined knowledge issue, a creative and effective approach to defining the context, and thorough analysis and evaluation of the knowledge issue.

Make sure you refer frequently to the presentation criteria as you select your topic and design your presentation. Those resources and others are available on the class site (click). Also please use me as a resource. I marked somewhere around 100 presentations and have seen some students do extremely well and others make easily avoidable mistakes. It’s not so critical with your practice presentation but it’s great to get in the habit of getting advice.

We will start the practice presentations on Oct 11th in class and continue on Oct 12th during period zero. I will set up a sign-up sheet soon.

This is one of the most important assessed tasks of the semester. Good luck setting yourselves up for success. – A. Clark

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