TOK Typhoon Day October 16th 2013

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photo: A. Clark

photo: A. Clark

Happy Typhoon day. I hope everyone is safe where you are.

According to the assignment, here are the details:

Outline due (in class) Wednesday October 16th

This means you have a complete introduction, topic sentences for each point and supporting details (including evidence and examples) in bullet point form, at least, for each paragraph.
For your work today, I would like you to

1) Make your outline a Google Doc and give it a title with your name in it:

example: TOK Essay Outline – Luke Skywalker

2) Share the outline with me and the following group members

Group 1 – Mia, Helena, Moa, Mattias

Group 2 – Jack, Jules, Polly

Group 3 – Keisuke, Marika, Izzy, Nicholas Z

Group 4 – Matthew, Hiroki, Erin, Nicholas J

3) Read each others’ outlines (2 or 3 depending on your group) and provide written feedback.


  • Is there a clear introduction with thesis, identified knowledge issues, and are terms defined as necessary?
  • Are the topic sentences clear and do they link back / support the argument (thesis) of the essay?
  • Is there evidence / supporting points for each argument?
  • Make sure the outline has SPECIFIC evidence / examples.

Spend about 40 minutes giving each other feedback. After that, any remaining time should be spent working on your draft which is due after we return from break. I have given you extra time on the drafts because these must be representative of your best work. I am not permitted to give you much feedback on your final TOK essay so this is one of the last chances for me to help you prepare for your final essay for the IBDP. I would like all drafts shared with me as a Google Doc.

Take advantage of this time and have a great day today – A. Clark

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