Tying Together the Ways of Knowing with Reason

Posted on Jan 9, 2013 in TOK

Impact of the Chinese Tea Cup1 – What role does reason play in both starting this discussion and as panelists consider the topicHow did the teacup change the course of Chinese History”?

What issues confound a focused (reason based) discussion during this show?

What other ways of knowing are involved in this video segment?

2 – Small Group Activity – Decisions that represent X as the dominant way of knowing.

In small groups identify and describe a recent decision that one or more of you needed to make. After identifying the different factors that needed to be considered at the time you made the decision, analyze the decision making process you went through and what the dominant way of knowing was that you used to arrive at your conclusion as well as any secondary ways of knowing that played a role. 

3- Review of the Reason Packet

Key sections from the Packet

The “Therefore” Test

Arguments Language and Logic

4 – Online Exercise – You are going to be tortured in the morning logical consistency exercise.

5 – TOK Oral Presentation – In-class and outside of class preparation required

Tech Topics to Consider– Using RSS for managing your online information for TOK, news, and life in general.

Persuasive Written Reflection –

Write a 200-500 word response to the creator of “You’re going to be tortured in the morning” explaining your reasoning behind your responses that either clarifies or explains the results you received. In your response address the influence of each WOK (sense perception, emotion, language, and reason) Please post this on your TOK blog. This will be assessed in relation to all four criteria.

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