The Way Forward for America

Posted on Aug 25, 2017 in Editorial, Featured Content

It is now undeniably clear that the US is in full batshit crisis. As much as I dislike Trump, the ignorance of white supremacy, and cannot fathom how working class Americans could support the very people who are maintaining their oppression, I can with confidence say the mutual antagonism as it exists currently has ruined the country. To focus on what a moron Trump is and how misguided a significant portion of the population is only misses any opportunity for resolution. Ask yourself where it will lead. Can we really expect to obliterate the opposition and remove them from our uncivil society? We can no longer afford to be distracted by such meaningless banter. Trump must go but not because we destroy him but because we remove the causes that keep him and all his doppelgängers in power. It’s time to start listening and raising all people up so that this nightmare has a chance of ending.

As a beginning please see this article on the struggle of the US Working Class.


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