Writing Process Interviews

Posted on Nov 18, 2011 in TOK

You may not realize it now but you are in the homestretch of the course with just a few short weeks to go to finish your essay. By now you should have your outline fairly far along and be ready to discuss your overall approach, your examples, and your argument. In this class you will meet with several people and interview each other using the following questions:

  • What title are you writing about?
  • What motivated you to choose this topic? Do you still feel this is the best title for you?
  • Explain to your partner the knowledge issue you will focus on. (Hint – This should be different than the question title.)
  • What major sections are you planning?
  • What is the main structure of your overall argument?
  • What examples are you considering to back up your points?
  • What will be your final point. (Hint – remember to take some form of justified stand at the end of your essay)
  • Finally, ask you partner if he/she understood your explanations. Are there any questions?

As you go through each discussion pay attention for one approach/technique that you can consider using with your own essay and be ready to share those with the rest of the class via the wallwisher below.

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